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Chapter 20: Help! - Senkaiden 2: Houshin Engi Yori Walkthrough/Guide

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September 11th, 2009

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12:12 pm - Chapter 20: Help!
I've gotten as far as I can on my own...

I may have finished the game, but there are quite a few loose ends that I haven't tied up yet. The biggest being Fukki.

He even appears on the game cover, for crying out loud! So he must definitly be in the game. I'm assuming he's a "secret unlockable character" or something.

I recently found the back cover for the Senkaiden Ni (II) wonderswan game:

(Bad quality, I know...)

There are THREE screens I haven't seen in this game. One involving Fukki talking to Shinkyohyo; one seems to be a cg attack of Ryukitsu's; and one is that Ryogaku guy and his son. That last one worries me; because I've fought Ryogaku and son already in this playthough--yet I didn't see that sprite used. Either the cover's lying--or I've picked a wrong choice somewhere along the lines (when you had to choose a choice). Or maybe I will fight him beyond where Ou Tenkun is standing? Sadly, these are only theories.

After finishing Dakki, the game doesn't seem to save (it just goes right back to the title screen), so I'm assuming that there's quite a few in-game sidequests I haven't finished yet.

I hate asking for help (especially since I'm the one writing the walkthrough), but I am completely and utterly stuck. You'd probably have to know Japanese to "fully" complete the game. So this chapter is basically one big translation request and theories I have on some puzzle solutions. (I would also love it if someone translated the wall of text at the end of the last chapter--the one that appears after the credits.)

Maybe it's just my paranoia speaking, but I THINK this guy (the guy constantly standing near the river in Tensho's home town) could be Fukki.

I'm just saying.

Also, I wish I knew why Suukokuko is staying in Ki Hatsu's palace.

Going back to the water cave...

Do these two:

Serve any real purpose? I still don't know what the heck they're doing all the way down there... Apart from the little scene you can create with Youzen in your party (refer to chapter 12) I haven't found out anything else you can do with them. (It would be nice if they were playable characters...)

Going back to the battlefield, I don't know what Nataku's brothers are doing here either.

If you have Nataku in your party, they say something different (probably something along the lines of, "Good to see you, Nataku!") but I haven't figured out anything else to do with them either.

Heading back to M. Kongrong...

Speaking with one of the 12 great senins who keep tabs on all the playable characters, there are still five playable characters I haven't unlocked:

I know Fukki will be a playable character for sure (I mean... he's on the COVER for crying out loud), so that leaves four spots left. Judging by the back cover (shown above), I'm assuming that Ryukitsu will be one, and I have a feeling that Nentou will be too. Since In Cho is a playable character, it only makes sense that his brother (In Hon) would probably be one too. So that leaves the last spot to possibly Douken Tenson. Since despite being one of the 12 great senins, he hasn't really done ANYTHING. (All of the 12 great senins have some kind of bonus--if not, then they're playable characters, i.e. Fugen, Gyokutei, Dotoku)

However, all I've been able to get out of him is the same sentence... ugh. And unlike the other senins, he doesn't even respond to his disciple, Igo when he's in your party! (Hell, even In Cho's master addressed him! And he wasn't even that major a character!)

Also, on the 1st floor of M. Kongrong (going down past the 12 great senin's rooms), there are still two empty rooms left. Hmm...

How do I get her to join my party? I'm betting this will have something to do with Nentou... Either have Ryukitsu in your party when talking to Nentou--or vice versa. Problem is, Nentou's still standing around at Roushi's place and:

I can't figure out how to get him to join... (He refuses to even address his student (Soushou) now... great.)

Also... Chu Oh. D:<

In Hon is still in the Houshindai, I'm assuming because he wants to see his dad. But whenever I try to take In Cho with me in my party to talk to Chu Oh, Chu Oh FREAKING DISAPPEARS. I have tried various... variations with Hiko, Bunchu, and In Cho (i.e. have Hiko and Bunchu in party; have Hiko alone; have Bunchu alone; have Hiko and In Cho; etc. etc.) but alas... no luck.

Here's what In Hon says when his brother isn't in the team with you:

And when In Cho is in your team:

Also I cut down all these trees in my frustation.


Also, this FLOOR. What's up with this floor? I have seriously tried bringing EVERY SINGLE PLAYABLE CHARACTER I HAVE down here and using all their action button abilities but to no avail... I have not yet discovered the secret of the weird floor.

Also, does Venus say anything important?

Of course, I wouldn't know.

Going back to Geishitenson's place...

I still haven't figured out of this guy is older!Bukichi yet...

Geishitenson's grave... (Yes, I would like someone to translate that single line too)

And Hakutsuru Doji.

Here's my important items list:

And... that's all. Once again, I'm requesting a translation help for every screencap here. (Yes, I know that's a lot and feel awful for it... orz.)

Any suggestions (even if you don't know Japanese) on what to do next would also be appreciated. I am completely stuck, and unless I can figure out something/find something new, I'm afraid I have to put this journal on haitus... (But at least I "finished" the game, even if I didn't unlock Fukki... *sniffle*)

HAITUS...Possible end?

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Date:September 12th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
hmmm... someone else could probably do better than me... but I can get the gist of some of it... I don't know if that's Fukki in the first three caps though.

1: Being here, I've learned a lot of various things about this country. (?)
2: You seem curious about who to talk to. (???? XD)
3: That Shinkouhyou... I wonder if he's doing well. I heard [name? referring to Ki Hatsu, I think] moved....

Next set.

1: Now that I think about it... [something about reading books]

Dunno the rest. T_T I'd have to look it all up...

Sengyoku and the drill guy... don't know the first two but in the third one, Sengyoku says being in a hole [cave?] everyday is boring.

Douken Tenson: So boring!! (lol)

In hon: I wonder when Brother will come back...

Second one: Brother, hurry up and come home~
In Cho: Yeah. Just wait quietly.

Genshitenson's grave: Genshitenson lies here (RIP, pretty much)

Well, that's all I can do for now. @_@
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Date:September 12th, 2009 02:06 am (UTC)
Ah, thank you so much! (If that's what the first set really says, then is my "mysterious guy by the river is Fukki" theory true? Wow. I was semi-kidding. O_o)

Why are Sengyoku and Doukouson in the cave in the first place then, if it's so boring? xD
Date:October 15th, 2009 03:54 am (UTC)


Wow! Thank you very much for this guide! I love Houshin Engi Manga and I have finished the game few days ago with your walktrhough, and I created this account to help you with some things I found ^o^!
Well, first of all, since I'm Argentinian there are some mispelled words in my writing, so I'm sorry for that T_T.

Ok these are my thoughts about the game

I haven't gotten Fukki yet. I think the man in Tenshou's hometown isn't fukki as you says, I think he's Taikobou dressed in different clothes for 3 reasons:
1) Fukki is Taikobou + Otenkun. Since Taikobou is missed and Outenkun is in the last floor of the Houshindai, He can't be.
2) Fukki has a black mark under his right eye.
3) I guess the character is fishing, pretty much like Taikobou.

- I have no idea if Suukokuko is a playable character, I've notice the same thing as your but earlier in the game.

- I played Houshinengi 1 for Wonderswan and Doutoku and Sengyoku were playable characters (I failed getting Sengyoku but I'm sure she's a playable character). In the game Doukouson was weak and his healing skill cost more sp than Nentou 's healing spell (yeah Nentou is the main character in the first HE for WS). And the skill heals not much as nentou's! it's ridiculous!.

- I tried talking to Mokutaku with Fugen in my party (since Mokutaku is his apprentice) but nothing happened.

- Douken Tenson says the SAME thing all the time I don't know what he does, even if I go with Igo. The same wit Ryukitsu and the same with Nentou. I suppose I can recruit Ryukitsu with Nentou or viceversa but I can't recruit neither of them xDDD this is funny. I tried talking to Ryukitsu with Taiitsu Shinjin in my party (I couldn't think in another near character) but... nothing happened.

-Chu Oh... I CAN HELP!!! Ok Let's talk about Chu Oh. You have to go with Kou Tenka in your party and talk to him and... guess what? yeah, you have to fight against Chu oh with Tenka alone. The battle can be hard if your level is 60. I had Tenka in level 71 and it was tough but I won ^^.

- I don't know If In cho is a playable character.

- It's strange Venus's sisters doesn't have and image. In the first Houshin Engi the three of them had one ( and you have to fight against them).

- and Finally.... I CAN HELP AGAIN!. If you go to the Houshindai with Youzen in your party ( I can't remember what floor it was), you will find his father hmm which was his name? (I have to read the manga again xD, but i think it starts with "g") and they have a fight after a conversation, Youzen fights in his Youkai form.

And don't worry about that screenshot with Tenshou Ryogaku and his son. When you fought Ryogaku you had Nataku in your party right? well I haven't Nataku, so Bunchu, Chou Kei and Kouranei came to the place and you take control of them and fight against Ryogaku and the other guy.

Well that's all. If I found something else I'll tell it to you!
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Date:October 24th, 2009 08:14 pm (UTC)

Re: Thanks!

OHMYGOSH, THANK YOU!!! (*happy tears of joy*)

Haven't checked back here in awhile (schoolwork! Dx) but thank you! Those are really helpful hints/tips!

-Yeah, the guy fishing is probably Taikoubou because of the circumstances... I only realized this later. xD;

-I've played a little bit of the first game too, but didn't get very far. ;-; I'll have to play again later when I actually have the time. The main character is Soushou, I think; not Nentou. But they look almost the same so it's easy to get them confused. xD;

-I tried talking to Mokutaku with Fugen in my party too, and noticed the same thing. (I just didn't talk about it in the guide.) How rude, Mokutaku! Your master just came back from the dead, you should at least acknowledge him!

-I'll have to try talking to Ryukitsu with everyone I have so far... if that doesn't work, then I don't know what will...

-Ah, so that's what I was doing wrong with Chu Oh! I didn't think it would be Tenka of all people! But I will try that when I have time. (Midterms coming up, ahhhhh. ;-;)

-I'll try the thing with Youzen when I have the time too.

-Ah, okay. I brought Nataku along when I fought Ryogaku, so that's probably why.

Thank you so much for that information! It was really helpful. And sorry for the late reply. ^^;

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